Blender3d renderings and blends

Here is some of my Blender3d renderings and some blends. Blender3d is great free 3d modeling and rendering program, you can download it from Blender3d site. Click images to see bigger version of them.
19.11.2008: Added cookie rendering...

When hell freezes over Flying Citroen BX Dune scene
Military pappa moped SEM, Scanning Electron Microscope image Bonk machine
Mars scene Alien 8 movie poster Abstract puke (Challenge #182)

Here is some of my blends that are linked from, just some materials and tests..
Parallax mapping parallaxbumpmap_06.blend
Parallax mapping parallaxmap2b.blend
Parallax mapping paranormalspecbump_01.blend
Parallax mapping paranormalspecbump_3lights_01.blend
Parallax mapping paranormalspecdetailbump_01.blend
Xmas cookie material pipar_material.blend
Xmas cookie material pipar_material2.blend